Java is one of the most popular programming language. It provides many services in various fields.

On the basis of Java, desktop applications such as media player, antivirus can be created. Along with that we can also create web applications by using technologies like Servlet, JSP, JSF etc.

Java didn’t end here. It also provides enterprise applications for the banking sector. Automated Teller Machine (ATM) which is used by every bank, internally uses the features of Java.

The most used mobile operating system of the modern world, Android is also based on Java. Thus, we can say that Java covers almost whole IT industry.

Benefits & future scope

  • It is simple and free to use
  • Secured and robust
  • Platform independent
  • Provides multithreaded environment
  • Easy to learn and understand


Java is one of the most important part of IT industry. It is widely spread programming language. Java developers are making it compatible in different fields such as Artificial intelligence, Data analysis, Business Intelligence etc. So, there is no end for the job opportunities in Java and even the salary package of Java developers are much higher in comparison to others.