The computing world has undergone a revolutionary change. Big computers turned into laptops, bigger programs broke out to small modules, audio chat to video chat and many more. During this time, many languages came to the market; some were great and some were just a mere wastage of time. Everyone has their own opinion towards every language. Among all the existing top languages, C is referred as more complicated and structured language. Moreover, there is plenty of competition among those language but the features and the perspective of C is still simple. The growing popularity of this language, involves many creation of compilers, operating systems, games and editors. Moreover, it is the general-purpose language with ability to draw the expressions, data flow, and data structures. It is true! The language is important to every branch of students whether it may be engineering, master’s degree or any other course. Apart from the colleges, there are many training institutes, which offer this course. IT Shiksha  is one among those. Over many years, IT Shiksha is providing the platform of every class of students to master the C language. Enrolling to this institute assures a student to be above the developer. Therefore, rush to our nearest centre, and be placed in top MNC’s